Simpson Connectors

Because we use Simpson Strong-Tie for our engineering software, truss plates, hangers, and tie-downs, you can be sure we will not only spec out the correct hanger, but can get it for you as well. We stock Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors for common truss-to-truss connections. We can get special order connectors within a few days, for those unique application hangers.
In addition to truss-specific hangers, we can fully service all your fastener needs through Simpson Strong-Tie. They are truly the nation’s industry leader in hangers and fasteners.

You may be wondering: Is there really that much difference between hangers? Can I just use the ones at the local hardware store?
To take these questions in order, yes there can be a huge difference in load capacity from one hanger to another, and yes, you may be able to use the ones at the local hardware store. It all depends on the load capacity each connection requires. Never use a hanger for any application until you know that the load it is designed to carry meets or exceeds the load it will carry.
It doesn’t make a very big difference to us if we get to sell you hangers or not. The important thing is that you use the correct hanger for the application. Because we have all the engineering/reaction information for each truss and girder, we can easily spec out the Simpson hanger that is required for each location. We then include the hangers in our quote, and provide them on delivery.

We provide hangers for every truss-to-truss connection where the reaction exceeds the nailing strength of 16d nails.


Now THIS is riveting reading

Here’s a chart showing shear strength of some common nail sizes.

As you can see from this chart, the shear strength of a 16d common is between 230 to 250 lbs, depending on the lumber species. We figure a 16d nail can handle 200 lbs, just to play it safe. On any given truss-to-truss connection, we look at how many nails can be used to connect the trusses.

Depending on the size of the material (2X4, 2X6, 2X8, etc), the number of nails that can be used will vary. If the forces passing through the connection are greater than can be carried with nails, we will spec out and quote the correct hanger.

Hurricane Ties

Many local codes/inspections require the use of Hurricane ties or some equivalent. All truss-to-plate connection designs are the responsibility of the Building Designer (ttb-standard-responsibilities, section 3.4 e).

Our recommendation is to use Simpson SDWC Screws, installed through the bottom of the double plate. 

Since many of our customers choose to purchase their own ties or screws, we provide hurricane ties or screws only upon the request of our customers. 

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